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Accident Policies
You never know when or where an accident may occur. Our accident policies will help you have the peace of mind that when tragedy strikes, you and your family will have an additional source of cash and security. Depending on the coverage you select, these policies can pay from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000 for you, your family or employee. Whether it's hospitalization, outpatient treatment, doctor's office, emergency room visit, or even a chiropractor visit, the policies have the option of paying cash direct to you. You can use the money where it is needed for:
  • Medical expenses
  • Mortgage
  • Living necessities
  • Household bills
  • Whatever you deem necessary
And in the event of accidental death one of our policies provides cash benefits of up to $50,000 to your family.
Policy Forms AP-79, AP-02-79, AP-91, AP-91-70, SA-1

This is a brief description of some of the provisions of policies individually underwritten by Reserve National Insurance Company. Only the actual policy provisions will control. Form numbers, benefits, policy provisions and availability may vary by state. A licensed Company agent can provide details on benefits, costs, limitations, exclusions and waiting periods.