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Cancer Indemnity Plans
Cancer will likely strike 1 in 2 U.S. men and 1 in 3 U.S. women during their lifetime.* In the event you are diagnosed with cancer, our policies will provide you with additional cash. We have cancer policies that pay either one lump-sum cash benefit upon the first-time diagnosis of cancer (up to $50,000) or pay on a per day basis (up to $300/day for the first 300 days and up to $450 for the next 200 days of hospital confinement). These policies do not require a physical examination. As long as you have not previously had any type of cancer, you may purchase these policies regardless of your other health conditions. These insurance plans can also be purchased up to the age of 85, are guaranteed renewable and can cover inpatient/PLUS outpatient care.
*Source: American Cancer Society- Cancer Facts and Figures 2010
Policy Forms CFO-95, ICD-2000

This is a brief description of some of the provisions of policies individually underwritten by Reserve National Insurance Company. Only the actual policy provisions will control. Form numbers, benefits, policy provisions and availability may vary by state. A licensed Company agent can provide details on benefits, costs, limitations, exclusions and waiting periods.